The McCain campaign’s latest ad is a doozy of Rovian disinformation trussed up in a sweet little shiny object diversionary package trying to hit Barack Obama on John McCain’s weakest spot: a man in bed with so many lobbyists cannot expect to keep pretending to be Mr. Clean for much longer.

Look, over there — I’m still all mavericky and shit. Puh-lease.  

Not even your base in the media is buying that trip to fairyland schtick any longer — hell, the New Yorker practically calls you a lying weasel. When someone like Joe Klein uses the words "flop sweat", you are sinking (and clearly stinking).

Aside from the "oooh so boogah boogah" background music and "sincere" whispery voiceover dude, so overly melodramatic as to be laughable, the script for the McCain ad is a scream.  Once you peek below the spin and dig into the facts underlying it especially.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Washington’s broken. John McCain knows it. We’re worse off than we were four years ago.

Oh. Dude. You really want to go there? When you voted with George Bush 90% of the time, by your own admission out of your own mouth:

(The new Obama campaign ad.)

But, that’s not all! It gets even more ludicrous:

Only McCain has taken on big tobacco, drug companies, fought corruption in both parties.

Big tobacco? Oh, yeah — alongside his lobbying crony and erstwhile senior campaign advisor Charlie Black who lobbies for…wait for it…big tobacco. So successfully, in fact, that Charlie’s good buddy, John McCain has completely switched his voting habits on big tobacco in the last few years. Gee, wonder how that happened. Could it be the increase in campaign contributions from big tobacco — over $78,000 thus far — which is odd considering his very public refusal to take their money back in the 90s. What’s changed his mind, I wonder?

And drug companies?  Have you met Joe Lieberman, close pal and McCain confidante…and his wife Hadassah, a big pharma lobbyist? How about Vin Weber — McCain advisor and…wait for it…big Pharma lobbyist? Or Tom Loeffler, McCain money bundler and also a big Pharma lobbyist?

In fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to the lobbyists around John McCain, and not surprisingly a lot of them are in bed with a lot of these industries on which McCain is supposed to be all mavericky. Coincidence? I think not. But I digress, let’s get back to the ad.

Fought corruption? Oh, let’s talk, John.

Hear any good money bundler jokes lately? Because I heard a doozy that involves some potential straw man donations from folks who have never, ever given money to a political campaign before. Then you add in a hint of oily revenue from some more suspiciously odd Hess oil and other petro money that just happened to spill into your coffers after you switched positions on off-shore drilling. (Who woulda thunk it?!?)  I mean, it’s not as though you blatantly and deliberately violated campaign finance laws or anything. Oh…wait…nevermind.

And then, for the punch line, we add a dash of Jack Abramoff’s pal Juan Carlos Bonitez and his money bundling for the McCain campaign…and all those outstanding questions about the Abramoff e-mails you kept stashed under the "no lookee for the public" rug.

Ahhh, feel the warm glow of sunshine, eh?  It is to laugh.

The rest of the McCain ad:

He’ll reform Wall Street, battle Big Oil, make America prosper again.

He’s the original maverick.

One is ready to lead — McCain.

Lead us where? Further into the ditch? No thanks.