GRITtv Goes Live

THIS MONTH, GRITtv with Laura Flanders goes interactive!!! If you’ve ever fancied posing a question directly to Laura’s guests — you’ll be able to do it! For starters, Wednesday, August 6, the first panel of the show will stream live — right here — at noon eastern time. Get a peek at what happens behind the scenes in the studio and call in or send your questions via email tomorrow. Tomorrow our panel will be discussing election ads: if people sat they disapprove of their candidates going negative — then why does negativity work? (At least to judge by the polls.) How negative should Obama go? Laura’s guests will include Faye Wattleton of the Center for the Advancement of Women, Steve Cobble, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and former Jesse Jackson political director. AND YOU!!! Watch it live and send us your comments. Call 866-466-2961 and ask Laura and the panel your questions.