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Scottish restaurant over in Ochelata

Try Le grand Mac. It’s to die for…

Fine Dining as seen on Giada’s Weekend Getaways:

The views of the Republican delegates on the issues, especially the economy, and on Mr. Bush are sharply at odds with voters generally. In mid-August, only 20 percent of voters said the economy was in good shape, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll of the nation. The Republican delegates see the economy very differently. While they, too, say it is the country’s most pressing problem, they say it is largely in good shape.

Ninety percent of the Democratic delegates said the nation was in a recession, while 72 percent of the Republican delegates say it is not.

“If we were in a recession, people would not be eating out — they would be in the grocery store and cooking at home,” said Phyllis Gorman, 59, a business owner and delegate from Oklahoma, in an interview after the delegate poll was taken. “When I drive by McDonald’s, there are so many people in line there. There are still a lot of cars on the road. If we were still in a recession like we were in the ’70s, people wouldn’t be doing anything.”

Looks like we’re going to supersize ourselves out of this malaise…

Cindy McCain on Palin: she's qualified because 'Alaska is close to Russia'

It’s time for the GOP to fold its tent and go home. Some free advice: do not send Cindy McCain out on the Sunday talk shows to defend Sarah Palin (via Sully):

All the Obama campaign needs to do is air this one over and over. How far has the self-proclaimed party of national security fallen when this kind of messaging is deemed acceptable.

(Hat tip, Peteypornpig from the comments) (more…)

Hurricane Gustav Bears Down On Coast, Shutting Down 25% Of US Oil Production

Gustav is running at 115 miles an hour and expected to hit the coast at around that speed. It looks like New Orleans may miss the worst of the hurricane. The current forecast is showing that Gustav will probably miss it, but there’s still a 43% chance of sideswiping it hard enough that levees might be over-topped or fail. Levies have still not been adequately rebuilt since Katrina. Even with New Orleans being missed, southern Louisiana can still expect to be devastated.

All oil production in the Gulf has been shut down. So far prices haven’t risen much, the key question is how much production will be damaged by the hurricane. If it can be brought back on line quickly there should be no significant price spike. If it can’t then the effect on gas prices could be significant.

McCain is using this as one big photo-op, rushing down to the area and doing his best to look Presidential, while Bush does his best to help him by fading into the background. This is a repeat of his Georgia strategy—he intends to spend a week acting as if he’s President and as if he’s doing something useful, when in fact, the best thing he could do is get out of the way, then use his influence to help with volunteers and money after the hurricane hits, which is what Obama will do. Gustav may well be the best thing that could happen to McCain, the RNC was likely to be a flop anyway and, with Gustav he has an excuse for it flopping and a chance to pretend he’s the President again.

If you want to help, let me suggest Incite, who are helping low income women evacuate and then to get back them back into the city as soon as possible afterwards so that what happened in Katrina, with extended absences forced by FEMA being used as a redevelopment opportunity doesn’t happen to these women (i.e., so they don’t lose their homes.)

GOP: McCain must win to protect us from acts of God and terrorism

Yes, people they went there, it’s the new version of the terror alert — John McCain will protect us from hurricanes.

Republicans are already citing Hurricane Gustav as a major reason why voters should pick Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) this fall.

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) made the case Sunday that McCain is best equipped to lead the country — whether it’s acts of terrorism or acts of God.

Appearing on Fox News, Coleman repeatedly cited the campaign theme of “country first” when describing efforts to prepare the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Gustav.

If anything, this kind of sick politicking proves that the GOP will say and do anything. (more…)

Obama will visit Gulf Coast when doing so does not divert first responders from needed preparations

Via the Wall Street Journal:

Barack Obama said a storm like Hurricane Gustav raises “bipartisan concerns” and it’s “fine” that John McCain visited Mississippi’s emergency operations center Sunday morning.

But he reiterated his worry that the security required for either presidential candidate could divert local law enforcement and other personnel from storm preparations. For that reason, Obama, the Democratic nominee, has said he has no immediate plan to travel to the area.

I’m trying to think of a good reason for McCain and Palin to visit the Gulf Coast before Gustav makes landfall that’s not political, but I can’t come up with one. Is his presence necessary? He doesn’t have any direct authority as a candidate to do anything, so other than photo-ops with Republican governors, why is he there?

Obama, on the other hand, is priming his donor network to donate money and supplies as requested (via Forbes):


Judgment, Experience, Honor, Country: McCain’s Epic Palin Fail

mccaingryus1.thumbnail.jpgPresidential candidates have a single task to perform expertly between securing their party’s nomination and Election Day: the choice of a running mate. Everything else is politics and speeches. (And, by the way, wasn’t our guy’s just swell?)

Campaign appearances, photo-opportunities, and even debates are grist for Villagers and other rubes who read into them all kinds of sillliness as they fondle and interpret them. But the only thing a presidential candidate actually does that the American people can really evaluate is this: pick a running mate who doesn’t embarrass yourself, your country, your dignity and your honor.

Don’t pick a candidate whose family and staff leaned on one of her direct reports to fire a guy who had a messy divorce with her sister, then fired the direct report and replaced him with a guy with a sexual harassment history who lasted only two weeks but got a nice severance.

Don’t pick a candidate whose foreign policy experience is based on her state’s proximity to Russia.

Don’t pick a candidate to shore up your rapidly peeling-away base, the Beltway gasbags who enjoy nothing more than dramatic narratives, but who haven’t had the country’s best interests at heart since the Clinton impeachment drama.

Don’t pick a candidate to enrapture the base of your party that’s never fallen in love with you: the fundamentalist evangelicals who have captured your party and turned it into a voice for theocracy.

Don’t pick a candidate as a cynical sexist ploy because you think her gender will make women who supported Hillary Clinton swoon, especially since Hillary’s name still elicits boos at your own rallies. This will really bomb if your Veep’s own views are antithetical to liberal progressive feminism — a creationist who favors state-forced birth, is anti-gay and anti-environment, who may (?) favor The Surge and is pro-gun.

Show good judgment: pick a candidate who is ready to lead the country on day one, especially since you are the oldest-ever first-time candidate for the presidency and a four-time cancer survivor.