Pop Yer Popcorn! Ted Stevens Still Running For Senate…

Despite resignation calls after yesterday’s indictment, Sen. Down The Toobz is not dropping out of the Alaska Senate race, according to a statement issued by his campaign office today.

Pop yer popcorn kids.  

It’s going to be a festival of finger-pointing, GOP infighting, and blame throwing between now and the August 26th Alaska primary. And potentially all the way to November.

Michael Barone sums up Beltway sorrow at Stevens’ ethical lapses contrasted with his long Senate career, and the further GOP corruption problems in Alaska, thusly:

…Stevens is probably still the favorite in the Republican primary, but in both public and private polls he has been running well behind Democrat Mark Begich, the son of Nick Begich, who has had high job ratings as mayor of Anchorage (a highly visible job, because nearly half of Alaskans live in or near Anchorage). But even his little-known challenger might now win the August 26 primary. And if Stevens wins the Republican nomination primary and then resigns the nomination, the state Republican Party could replace him with another candidate, although it’s not clear who; the Republican state chairman is reportedly not on speaking terms with Governor Palin. In the House race, Parnell has been running slightly ahead of Don Young in public polls, while in general election pairings, Berkowitz has been running far ahead of Young but slightly behind Parnell. Parnell’s advantages include his party label and his close association with Governor Palin. Berkowitz’s advantages include his articulateness and reputation as a reformer, including his denunciation of Veco in the legislature….

That would leave as the senior member of the Alaska congressional delegation Lisa Murkowski, appointed to the Senate by her father, after he became governor, in December 2004 and elected to a full term by a narrow margin over Tony Knowles in November 2006….Sometimes politicians, for all the good they do, can stay in office too long.

Mr. ReddHedd, who lived in Alaska for some years growing up, felt the same way — and can remember when Stevens seemed to be working for all of Alaska and not simply to line his family pocketbook. And line the campaign coffers of a whole host of Republicans as well. You have to wonder what it is that flips someone from public service to personal avarice, don’t you?

In any case, I think we should all do what we can to make the phrase "Senator Begich" a reality.  You can give Mark Begich a campaign boost here, and let Sen. Ted know you are thinking about him.

We’ll have much more on Sen. Stevens coming up…

(YouTube is the all time classic series of toobz remix…cracks me up, every time.)

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