Oh,  the irony:  Even as Norm "unconventional marriage (to say the least)" Coleman, repositioning himself as a Family Values Candidate, runs ads attacking Al Franken over his ties to Playboy, it seems that at least two of Norm’s fellow Minnesota Republican officeholders, paleocon Professional Christian Michele Bachmann and run-of-the-mill knuckledragger Erik Paulsen, were among the beneficiaries of Texas Republican Pete Sessions’ Forty Deuce strip-club fundraiser for the PAC that gave them money. (Seems that Sessions is in tight with casino and strip-club operators.)

Sessions’ fundraising PAC is called the “People for Enterprise/Trade/Econ Growth“, and here’s the FEC data for Bachmann ($2500) and Paulsen ($5000). Wonder how many other “family values” types got Pete Sessions’ stripper money?