John McCain: The Media Darling Schtick Beginning To Wear Thin?

One of the more amusing McCain campaign attempts to take the press for a ride in the spin-mobile has been the claim that the media loves Obama while McCain gets left in the cold. To paraphrase Chris Matthews: HA!

No, really, let’s quote Chris Matthews:

"The press loves McCain. We’re his base."

But it’s not just Matthews, it’s also Newsweek’s John Meachem:

“To me, the great story about Sen. McCain is, when in doubt, give principle a try.”

And there’s Bob Scheiffer’s old standby: accusing people of questioning McCain’s integrity when they point out his myriad political flip-flops. Gotta protect yer buddy’s flank, ya know?

 Well, I suppose someone has to be the designated "get me a donut with sprinkles" gal, eh, Liz Sidoti?

Despite all those media myths that McCain has so assiduously worked to build through his long years inside the Beltway, there are some indications that the "Straight Talk" spin-mobile is losing a bit of its luster, as reporters call bullshit on the recent McCain ad which made blatantly false claims about Obama’s overseas trip and American servicepeople. Lying about your personality is one thing, but lying about something that reporters witnessed first hand? Not working so well.

Honestly, how far over the line did the McCain campaign really step if Andrea Mitchell is willing to call him out for lying in that ad? Guess that BBQ only buys you so much love, eh? Either that, or the press is sensing that the political winds for McCain are simply blowing smoke, and they are doing what they always do…abandoning the sinking ship lest its stench rub off. What do you think?

(Top video via Media Matters. Bottom courtesy of HuffPo.)

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