“Tomnibus” Bill Set For Cloture Vote This Afternoon

The Senate will vote on cloture on S. 3297 this afternoon around 4 pm ET. As Kagro says, this cloture vote will show how many pals Sen. Coburn has lined up behind his constant obstructionism.

We’d like to help make that as few as possible.

So please, take some time and call your Senators and tell them to vote FOR cloture on S. 3297 and also to vote in FAVOR of the bill itself, which will be scheduled for vote later in the week if cloture passes. You can find more information at MyDD, the Senate Democratic Caucus blog on health bills blocked and judiciary/law enforcement bills blocked, and at CQ, with a bill summary here. Kagro has some procedural information for today’s vote here as well.

One of the bills included in the "Tomnibus" (as the NYTimes is calling it) is the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Bill. The YouTube gives you some history on Emmett Till (Part II is here).

It should go without saying that brutality based on the color of someone’s skin should not just get swept under a white sheet. Don’t let Tom Coburn get away with this — call your Senators today.

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