Why Nancy Pelosi Filibustered NRN

dscn3630.thumbnail.JPGSpeaker Pelosi got questions about war and telecom immunity that put her on the spot, and after blaming all of Congress’s failures on the Senate, took the opportunity to stand up and provide wandering, nonresponsive answers to the next question.


She’s a weak Speaker with a serious internal challenge to her authority from the Maryland conservative Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who is very popular among House Dems. He’s there for them and he’s a very able manager. He staffs their offices and raises money for them religiously.

Better to run out the clock and talk about "expanding our universe" (whuh?) than acknowledge the knives at your back and the fact that Democrats in the House do not believe as we, or the majorities of people in the country, do.

The shortest solution is an organizing solution, and it sounds like the long road. . . but it’s the short road. We need to get better at grassroots candidate recruitment and training, starting this November.

We can’t not do it.

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