Pull Up A Chair…

Yesterday, we took The Peanut to see WALL-E. She loved it, and I spent the whole movie as bemused by her facial expressions when I sneaked a sideways glance at her as I was by the movie itself.

It poured the rain down most of the 4th here, and we were singing a bit of the "rain rain rain came down down down" song from the Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day sequence in The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh cartoon.

You have to love a movie that includes a Piglet behind and two pink, little legs sticking out of a honey pot floating downstream on a rain rivulet, don’t you?

That one is a favorite at our house, anyway, because it’s the film most requested when The Peanut isn’t feeling well. Pretty much all things Pooh Bear and the BBC cartoons of the Beatrix Potter stories. And any of the books on which they were based for a good snuggle and some reading. There’s just something magical about Pooh Bear and Peter Rabbit when you aren’t feeling well and needing comfort.

Especially when you are five.

I can remember staying up in my footie pajamas when I was a kid watching the very same Pooh Bear cartoons with my parents on Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights — snow falling outside, mug of cocoa and some popcorn, and my favorite silly old bear.

It’s funny how some things are eternal for kids, isn’t it?

Thought it might be fun for all of us to talk about some of our own favorites from childhood. Because, frankly, I could use a little more whimsy and a little less serious this morning. Don’t know about you all, but I thought chitchat about some favorite kiddie movies or books would be a nice change of pace over coffee and banana bread today. (Well, soon as it gets done baking here, anyway…)

So, let’s find our way back to the Hundred Acre Wood with Owl and Eeyore and Piglet and Pooh and all our other pals, and chat about some whimsy and all those lessons we learned from our earliest days about the important things in life — when the worst problems in the world could be solved by some lap time, a good snuggle, and a story or two before a nice nap. Pour yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair…

(YouTube — Loggins and Messina singing "House On Pooh Corner.")

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