Pull Up A Chair…


Lucky at 3 months, Christy Hardin Smith.

Sometimes, you can look up and realize that time is just streaming by you. I had one of those moments this week, when I was cleaning out photos from my desktop and stumbled across this picture of the stray puppy we have taken in to our family. When Lucky showed up in our driveway, he picked the perfect day for a pitiful entrance — it was pouring the rain down, and he huddled, shivering, under my car and whimpering softly as he looked up at me with those big, puppy eyes. 

He knew a softie when he saw one, clearly.

He has tripled in size since we first took him in — and it has only been a couple of months. Not only that, but he eats like crazy. Hence, the rapid growth, I suppose, but it’s hilarious to watch his insane gobbling versus the dainty nibbles of our 11 and a half year old miniature dachshund.

I walked into the living room yesterday afternoon, and found The Peanut and Lucky curled up together in a big, comfy chair in front of the television, watching Toy Story and eating cheerios together.  Now THAT was some comfort for the both of them.   And it reminded me of all of the good things that we so often have in our lives that get taken for granted, or the small comforts that we have that we forget when they get drowned out in the daily din and turmoil.

Egregious reminded me recently of my tea cabinet.  I put it together when we first moved to our house, and it was really just a convenient way for me to stash my tea somewhere that I could make a mug quickly and conveniently while I was unpacking yet another box with The Peanut in her pack-n-play and our dachshund digging her little snout into the box to check for wayward tidbits and treats.  (You never know when you’ll find a doggie biscuit, apparently.)  

Mr. ReddHedd makes fun of me because an entire smallish cabinet in our kitchen is now devoted to assorted teas, my teapots, my tea strainer, and various and sundry other items.  But, for me, it’s a cabinet of comfort, and one that I have turned to on days when things were crazy as a sort of deep sigh moment — filling the teapot with loose leaf tea, filling the kettle and waiting for it to whistle, and then tying on the tea cozy to keep it warm once it’s finished steeping and I’ve poured the first cup.

It’s really the rituals in the face of craziness around us that keep us grounded.

And so, I thought we could talk a bit this morning about how we are all dealing with the inevitable march forward — whether we are prepared for it or not.  How we’ve been seeking comfort (got a new recipe to share? I’d love it.).  And what we’ve been doing lately to give back a little to someone else who needs a hand.  Let’s talk a bit of comfort and joy this morning.  Pull up a chair…

PS — Here’s what Lucky looks like these days:

Lucky at 6 months, by Christy Hardin Smith

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