Steny Hoyer in the Washington Post

dscn0488.jpgKobe was reading his copy of the Washington Post this morning when he came across this fine ad by Color of Change and Blue America that told him Steny Hoyer wanted to give the government the same powers to spy on people that they had used against Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Kobe had thought those days were over, that we had learned our lesson but now he realized that wasn’t true. And Steny didn’t seem to understand that this was a huge problem, or that he had done a very bad thing.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the effort to get this ad up, because nobody should forget the day that the Democratic leadership sold us out.

Kobe knows he won’t. He may have to go on a barber shop tour or something to let other people know.

If you’d like to add a photo of yourself with the ad to the Firedoglake Reader’s Flickr account, Kobe would love to see it.

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