Since this will be otherwise ignored, it’s good news for Republicans

When George Bush leaves office can we let him leave the way he came in?

Three out of four Americans, including large numbers of Republicans, blame President Bush’s economic policies for making the country worse off during the last eight years, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released today, reflecting a sharp increase in public pessimism during the last year.

Nine percent of respondents said the country’s economic condition has become better off since Bush became president, compared with 75% who said conditions had worsened. Among Republicans, 42% said the country is worse off, while 26% said it is about the same, and only 22% thought economic conditions had improved.

Even twice as many Republicans think Bush has make the economy worse, not better.

And 9% overall believe the economy is better!

Twice that many believe Elvis & Tupac brought down the World Trade Center.

Alan Keyes would poll better.

A case of clamidia would be thought of more highly.

And you know where John McCain really makes people think he’s the same as Bush?

The economy. And he is.

I’m no political strategist, but I suggest the Obama campaign do something with these numbers.

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