McCain’s Cronies: Charlie Black Opens Yap, Inserts Ass

I think the best response to Charlie Black’s misguided, clumsy and craven attempt to get "McCain is the crisis man if the US is attacked" out there comes from dosido and puravida:

dosido: “Let me just say this at the top of the comments. I heard on the radio that Charlie (I heart ruthless dictators) Black say that another attack would be a campaign advantage for McCain. Creep.”

puravida: Another attack will result in lots of dead, injured and suffering men, women, and children. Only a less than human, souless, craven, sick fuck would see that as a “campaign advantage.”

I think that pretty much covers it. Anyone who would publicly contemplate the pro and cons of another attack on this country for his crony’s political calculations needs a big ole smack upside the head. "[A]n advantage" to McCain, my ass. That’s just shameful and wrong on so many levels at once.

It’s also telling: McCain’s best hope for election in November? The "scare the bejeebers out of people" strategy. We saw that yesterday with McCain’s economic answers to Fortune magazine — he tries to tie everything to terrorism. To wit:

In that answer is encapsulated McCain’s entire argument to the American people this fall: The stakes are too high to take a chance on someone as unproven on the world stage as Obama….

Fifty-six percent of respondents chose a candidate who could heal the economy, while 39 percent opted for the candidate better able to keep them safe from terrorism….

This moving on to new issues coupled with the damage done to the Republican brand over the last several years by President Bush — and a series of congressional scandals — complicates what four or six years ago was a winning issue for Republicans….

So, it’s the only issue McCain feels like he has any real opportunity with, but in order to puff up its importance to near apocalyptic levels, he has to resort to the same ole "boogah boogah boogah" tactics.

Is it just me, or are you catching a whiff of Turdblossom, too? Except this time around, those quail wings with a "save me daddy!" chaser leave a stale aftertaste — because daddy turned out to be the sort of irresponsible lout who kept stealing the change from your piggy bank to buy himself more cigs and malt liquor, leaving you poorer and, hopefully, a little wiser about where his priorities and care really are focused — on himself. Selfish is as selfish does, eh, Karl? GOP: the house that greed, odiousness, and profit margins built.

So, what kind of utter and complete moron could fall for such a janga’d foundation of illusion, myth building and a bag of cheap scary parlor tricks and not a lot else? I give you…Richard Cohen. Someone bring me a fan, I think he’s swooned…

Crooks and Liars has more.

PS — A warm welcome to Spencer Ackerman — whose blog, Attackerman, has now moved here.

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