McCain Tapdances Past FEC With More Freebies From The Sugar Momma Express

Oh, look who is skirting the letter of the law again — Mr. Campaign Finance Reform Public Image Truthiness, himself. The McCain campaign’s new slogan must be "do as I pretend to believe, not what I actually get away with this time." To wit:

…The plane is owned by King Aviation LLC, a subsidiary of her family’s beer distributorship, Hensley & Co., where Mrs. McCain is chairman.

She used the jet on several trips last year that included campaign-related activity but never got campaign reimbursement, according to flight-tracking records and campaign-finance reports verified by the McCain campaign….

If the campaign had paid for Mrs. McCain’s trip to New York and three others that appear to have included some campaign work, it would likely have cost a total of about $15,000, the equivalent of first-class fare for the trips combined.

Jan Baran, a Republican campaign lawyer, said the campaign should have paid. "I don’t know why they want to fight it," he said. "The chutzpah is not that they’re not paying for this trip, it’s that they’re using a corporate airplane at a highly discounted rate."…

Nice when your Sugar Momma is willing to pick up the tab for you, isn’t it? The rules apparently only apply if we aren’t talking about Republicans. Even those Republicans who like to prance around and pretend to be all mavericky and shit. Wonder if McCain’s lobbying cronies for the oil industry have gotten him a fuel discount for the Sugar Momma Express, too? Just asking…

(YouTube on McCain’s oil industry lobbying crony ties via BraveNewFilms.)

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