Larry Sinclair Arrested At Press Club

Who could have predicted — Larry Sinclair, the guy who had a 27 year criminal record, was arrested at the Press Club today after his press conference:

At quick trip over to Larry Sinclair’s blog found his supporters bewildered as to why Sinclair was arrested. Some mentioned that perhaps they “should raise money for Larry’s bail” while others assumed “Obama” was behind the arrest in order to “silence” Larry from telling the “truth”.

Yeah. That’s probably it. Nothing to do with outstanding warrants or anything.

Meanwhile, we get letters:


Didn’t you hear? I’ve been a member of the National Press Club for over two years and serve on two committees, Newsmakers and New Media.

There is no mystery about becoming the first exclusively online reporter to cover the White House on a daily basis for over two years. I even wrote abook about it: "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report"

Grow up and stop the defamation.

Jeff Gannon

Stay classy, Press Club.

[H/t to Hannibal for the video.]

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