The Spin I’m In: All Apologies (Again)

Hey hi howdy Firepups, Fini Finito filling in for Donita once more while she is on the road to Chicago after storming my hometown of Indy last night. She of course proceeded to tear the house down at the Ugly Monkey and Donita, Dee and their bandmates Dat, Alan the Italian and Logan were absolute ladies and gentlemen as they partied at the club afterwards. Dee and Donita kept me out to the wee hours and a blast was had by all.

Sorry, no pictures today, I had technical issues which is why this is late. It’s a little hard to use a brand new computer and do this column when one has ingested some alcohol the night before with rock stars. Enjoy this replay list from Donita, a classic and one of my favorite playlists as she makes her way to Chicago’s Double Door tonight.

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