FDL Late Nite: R Stands For Religious Ripoff

tonymarino.jpgCarla Axtman at Blue Oregon brings us our Republican religious wingnut of the week — a fellow named Tony Marino who is running for the state House in Oregon this election. Marino, like all good young Republicans, has some skeletons in his closet he tried to preemptively expose back in March. He also claims a PhD from a diploma mill. But that was just the beginning:

It seems the good "doctor" Marino has his very own seminary!

That’s right! For the low, low price of $95.00 (plus a $35 "final graduation processing fee"), you too can become an online Ordained Minister:

As an Ordained Minister, you will have the authority to start a church, preach the Gospel around the world, start a Christian school, perform marriages, officiate funerals, become a missionary, an evangelist, a pastor, begin your own ministry, along with all other priviledges and opportunities given to those certified as "Ordained." Let God guide through His plan; while Pacific Northwestern assists you along your way.

Once you have successfully passed all 66 lesson plans, you will be administered the final examination. This final examination will highlight what you have learn all along your biblical journey. Upon graduation, you will receive your diploma certificate, official ordination certification as well as an assortment of special materials, designed to support your God appointed ministry.


Upon successful graduation from Pacific Northwestern, each student will be awarded…

Pacific Northwestern Diploma of Biblical Studies"
Certificate of Ordination"
Complete Course Transcripts
Ordinational Identification card

And the most important training they’ll receive is one offered by example: How to rip off lots of gullible people.

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