Meet Jonah’s Petard…


Alas, poor Jonah. You have provided more mocking fodder for the gentle souls at Sadly, No! To wit:

Gavin adds: To be rigorously charitable, he might have been attempting a joke. But as usual, the joke is ultimately on Jonah:

Jonah Goldberg, January 10, 2008:

[Ezra Klein] calls John Holbo’s “review” of my book “one of the finest pieces of writing I’ve ever read in the blogosphere.” Of course Holbo hadn’t actually — what’s that word again? oh right — read my book before he crafted this oh so fine piece of writing. Once again, Ezra is so perfectly, comically, Ezra. He himself famously finds it very hard to read books (It’s hard and it’s boring and it takes a really long time, he says). So he outsources criticism to people who haven’t read it either. It’s a pas de deux of phone-it-in hackery.

Wait, let’s have that phrase again:

…phone-it-in hackery.

Jonah Goldberg, May 30, 2008:

In McClellan’s book, What Happened (oddly missing a question mark), the author purports to explain how the Bush White House launched a “propaganda machine” to push the country into a war of choice.

I have not read the book. I will once I finish eating the contents of my sock drawer (which ranks slightly higher on my to-do list).

Don’t forget the crow drawer.

Ouch, that’s gonna leave a scorch mark. The stupid…it burns.

(By now, astute readers will have realized that this is merely my excuse to post Clif’s superb illustration — how often do you find a photo containing that much butt paste? It just cries out for a caption befitting its pasty splendor, doesn’t it? Happy weekend.)

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