After all we’ve done for them…

Those ungrateful Iraqi bastards:

Iraq said on Monday that it had failed to sign technical support deals with global oil majors hoping to cash in on boosting the war-torn country’s extensive but underexploited oilfields.

Iraq is still negotiating with Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Total, and a consortium of other smaller oil companies, to develop six oil blocks and two gas fields, Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani told a press briefing.

"We did not finalise any agreement with them because they refused to offer consultancy based on fees as they wanted a share of the oil," he said.

"The TSAs (technical support agreements) are only simple consultancy contracts to help us raise the production during the interim period" before the ministry enters into long-term contracts to develop the oil and gas fields.

Those bastards. Those stinking bastards! We should just invade them and …um… well… hmm …. um …..


Oh. Never mind.

Look! Over there! Someone is dissing McCain!

SBC Scholar: Spouse abuse happens because wives refuse to submit

A friend of mine forwarded this to me today. I’m absolutely, positively gobsmacked. This gem is from a Bruce Ware, who is said to be a professor of Christian theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. I don’t see that this makes him any sort of expert on marriage and family life, but these quotes make it obvious that he is a jerk. I’d hate to be his wife.

“And husbands on their parts, because they’re sinners, now respond to that threat to their authority either by being abusive, which is of course one of the ways men can respond when their authority is challenged–or, more commonly, to become passive, acquiescent, and simply not asserting the leadership they ought to as men in their homes and in churches,” Ware said from the pulpit of Denton Bible Church in Denton, Texas.

So, if a married woman decides she’s her husband’s equal in the marriage, then men either respond by becoming wimps or by resorting to abuse. Of course, this guy doesn’t condemn that at all. Instead, he goes on to say: (more…)

Obama’s Rightward Tack, Election Day, and the Second Amendment

Last week the spotlight was on Barack Obama and whether he’s a liberal democrat who’s moved to the center or a centrist in sheep’s clothing. Most of the major news outlets—the LA Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal—covered what was described as Obama’s flip-flop, or near apostasy, on everything from campaign finance reform and trade to guns and the death penalty.

Tonight on GRITtv our weekly media roundtable examines what the media missed and why their coverage of Obama’s move to the right reveals a much deeper misunderstanding of the candidate and his politics and perhaps of American politics in general. Rinku Sen, publisher of ColorLines magazine and President of the Applied Research Center, says Obama may be a liberal democrat but he has never characterized himself as a left candidate. Find out here why the corporate media must decide whether Obama is a centrist or a crazy left-winger.

Also joining us are Herb Boyd, National Editor of The Black World Today, and David Lombino, city editor of the New York Sun. They discuss why Nader is talking to the Rocky Mountain News and how John McCain, a well off white man, became the underdog in this election.

And Election Day. Not 2008 but 2004. Laura interviews filmmaker Katy Chevigny, whose documentary film “Election Day” premiers on PBS tomorrow night. The film brings together the stories of American voters in a portrait of the U.S. election system that we haven’t seen before. These are the stories of everyday voters. Eschewing the kind of horse race coverage and amplification of the red blue divide favored by the mainstream media after 2000, “Election Day” provides a snapshot of the people who make our democracy work.

In this interview, Chevigny discusses how the film was made—all of the footage was shot on one day—whether problems encountered in 2000 and 2004 have been solved, and what needs to be done to improve the way we vote in this country.

Finally, a short video from Chris Hume’s Red State Road Trip #2, a report from the American News Project on the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Second Amendment, and Toshi Reagon sings Heartbreak Hotel at grand275. All that and more on GRITtv.

Sometimes an Acorn is Just a Nut.

“The sky is full of terrorists!”

"Our enemies will test the new president early," Lieberman, I-Conn., told Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer. "Remember that the truck bombing of the World Trade Center happened in the first year of the Clinton administration. 9/11 happened in the first year of the Bush administration."

Once upon a time there was a game pullet named Chicken Loser who lived in a green and lush valley. One day, Chicken Loser decided to eat his lunch under an old oak tree. He had just finished his mealy worm sandwich when a spring breeze swayed the branches above him. An acorn fell and hit Chicken Loser on his head.

"Oh, my heavens!" Chicken Loser exclaimed, his wattle quivering furiously. "I have been the victim of a terrorist attack! What dastardly freedom-hating, death-loving organization could be behind this?! Our Leader must be told immediately!" He gathered up his possessions, and set off to warn everyone he could about the imminent assault on their freedoms.

At a clearing, Chicken Loser met up with one of his very few friends, a pig named Windsey Lindsey, who was haggling with an itinerant farmer over the price of seed corn he intended to plant on his farm. "Windsey," Chicken Loser whined, "You can’t possibly go back to your farm. I was set upon by godless pagan terrorists! We must, as good citizens, inform our Leader of this horrible occurrence!" So insistent was Chicken Loser that Windsey Lindsey, shaking in his little cloven-hoofed boots, grabbed his five bushels of seed corn for which he paid the meager sum of 5 crowns, and off the two went.

Later that afternoon, the trio stumbled upon Flipsy Flopsy the old chipmunk, who was dozing fitfully, mumbling the words "trollop" and "jello" in his sleep. Chicken Loser shook him awake.  "Wake up, Flipsy Flopsy!  We are all in grave, grave danger!"

"Wha. . . no grave for me yet!" Flipsy Flopsy barked, startled out of his sleep.  He rubbed his eyes.  "Oh, it’s you, Chicken Loser.  I’ve been waiting here for you all day.  You were supposed to take me to the early bird special at the diner."

"Not now, Flipsy! The terrorists are coming!  We must get to town and tell our Leader so he can protect us!"

"Terrorist attacks, you say?" Flipsy Flopsy thought for a moment.  "This would be very advantageous for my campaign, you know. I am already battle-tested."

"Yeah, if you consider downing 5 fighter jets ‘battle tested’," Windsey muttered.

"Go f*ck yourself, Windsey."

Chicken Loser stepped between the two.  "Now is not the time to bicker.  We have been charged with a very important task!  We must make everyone aware of the looming threats of terrorism and appeasing Democrats. Now you two shake hands."  Their peace grudgingly made, the new trio set off as the sun was starting its descent in the afternoon sky.

They soon arrived at the bank of a pond, where an emotionally deranged chimp sat, catching frogs and stuffing firecrackers up their behinds. "Wimpy Chimpy," Chicken Loser asked. "What are you doing?"

Wimpy Chimpy looked up and blinked several times before answering. "Ah saw ’em doin’ this on the Youtubes. (more…)

This Is Just Stupid

dunce2.JPGI found this out from a Brit friend of mine and damned near choked:

Lloyds TSB and Barclays have been telling British customers who have financial dealings with Cuba to take their business elsewhere. Why? Because they’re scared. Not of the British government – which nominally encourages trade with Cuba and has a policy of positive engagement with the island – but of the US.

Blinded by rabid anti-socialist, anti-Castro sentiment, for 48 years the US has conducted a vendetta against this peaceful Caribbean island by imposing a crippling economic blockade, one that has wilfully impoverished the Cuban people and been roundly condemned for 16 years running by the UN General Assembly. In 2007, 184 countries, including the UK, voted against it – only four didn’t. The whole world, apart from the US, its thuggish sidekick, Israel, and a couple of obscure statelets, believes this punitive blockade should be lifted.

Cuba appears on America’s blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, along with pariah states such as Sudan and North Korea. US legislation has long criminalised any company doing business with Cuba, and it is enforced with McCarthyite zeal – American business people have been fined and imprisoned. Even a director’s fact-finding visit to the island could land a US company in trouble.

This is just blitheringly stupid. More actual terrorism has been tied to the hardcores within the Cuban exile community — a hardcore group run largely by the children and grandchildren of the mobsters and pimps who fled to Miami rather than try to live upright lives under Castro — than has ever been linked to the Bearded One. (Prime examples of which can be found here.)

As dumb as that is, there’s something even dumber in the works: Bush wants to invade Iran. (more…)

Pentagon Charges the Third Detainee Who Was Water-Boarded

The Pentagon charged Abd al Rahim al Nashiri in relation to the USS Cole bombing today (and click through for links to the charging documents and more).

The Pentagon Monday announced a proposed death penalty prosecution of a Saudi man at Guantánamo, alleging he organized the October 2000 suicide bombing of the USS Cole off Aden, Yemen, that killed 17 American sailors.

The 11-page charge sheets, signed by a Marine major, accuse Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, 43, of conspiracy, murder and other law of war violations.

It seeks to try him by military commission at the U.S. Navy base in southeast Cuba, and execute him if convicted.

This one will be interesting.

As you recall, the CIA has admitted to water-boarding three detainees: Abu Zubaydah, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and al-Nashiri.

Abu Zubaydah remains uncharged at the moment. Perhaps they think he’s too crazy to stand trial. Perhaps, once they realized he was a glorified travel agent, they didn’t want to try him. Perhaps they simply don’t have the evidence. But for some reason, after accusing Abu Zubaydah of being a 9/11 mastermind for years, they haven’t included him in the batch of people they’re trying for 9/11.

Then there’s KSM. KSM appears ready to lead his four co-defendants straight to the gallows in hopes of becoming martyrs to the cause. And the Bush Show Trial administrators seem only too happy to go along. Thus, while KSM has already repeatedly raised the torture used on him in the one public hearing he had, it won’t make much difference so long as he continues to request to be killed.

Finally, there’s Nashiri. Though there appears to be abundant evidence tying Nashiri to the Cole bombing, the Administration hasn’t vilified (or glorified, if you’re KSM) him like they have other high value detainees. To most Americans, I’d guess, he’s a rather anonymous terrorist.

But Nashiri, unlike KSM, is fighting his charges.

In March 2007, according to a partially censored Pentagon transcript, Nashiri told U.S. military officers at Guantánamo that he concocted the confession to please his captors. ”From the time I was arrested five years ago, they have been torturing me,” he said then.

Which, for all that KSM wants and seems capable of orchestrating a collective martyrdom, means Nashiri’s trial will be particularly interesting. Given that he claims his confession was false, it’ll really expose how the Gitmo Show Trials will deal with people who claim to be being falsely (more…)

"Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials"?

I would say it’s a safe bet to make that OneNewsNow avoids posting the term gay in the Associated Press articles they feedHomosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials (Page, but not the article, edited slightly to shorten length) to their site by the use of an automatic search-and-replace program. It looks this way because of their embarrassing post of an article that changed the name of Beijing Olympics hopeful Tyson Gay to “Tyson Homosexual” (emphasis added).

Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials

Tyson Homosexual easily won his semifinal for the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials and seemed to save something for the final later Sunday.

His wind-aided 9.85 seconds was a fairly cut-and-dry performance compared to what happened a day earlier. On Saturday, Homosexual misjudged the finish in his opening heat and had to scramble to finish fourth, then in his quarterfinal a couple of hours later, ran 9.77 to break the American record that had stood since 1999…

They fixed their apparent auto-replace gaff for their AP article feed here, in the retitled article Gay eases into 100 final at Olympic trials.

Still, it says something about the American Family Association (the proprietors of OneNewsNow) that they don’t want to buy into the Gay Agenda (that they’ve retitled the Homosexual Agenda) so much that they apparently change every gay to homosexual via auto-replace.

My guess would be that they consciously use homosexual as a term to throwback to when homosexual was listed as a mental health condition in DSM-II

. Activist conservative Christians often tend to believe that it’s a Myth That Psychiatry Has Proven That Homosexual Behavior Is Normal; they believe that homosexuality should be relisted as a mental disorder as homosexuality (in their minds) is marked by deviant and sinful behavior that’s tied to an identity.


H/t: The Slog (more…)

Last Gasp of the Sons of the Confederacy

Head too round for a pointy hat.

Make you own Shorter Mark Levin:

In my first pass, there is much good in Bill Voegeli’s piece on conservatism and civil rights. But I should also note that one of Bill Buckley’s primary concerns — the effects on federalism of federal civil-rights legislation — was a legitimate one. Federalism properly understood is not simply about "states’ rights," but a system of divided governmental authority intended to stand against absolute tyranny. Not doubt Mr. Buckley and others were concerned, in part, about containing the federal power unleashed against state-sponsored racism (and in this context, I actually mean states and not government generally), including judicial usurpation of federal and state representative bodies. Mr. Buckley was also a student of history and understood that the abolitionist movement of the prior century were born mostly from churches and certain northern states, not from Congress — which, after all, had passed fugitive slave laws essentially upholding slavery in the south. The federal government had a mixed record prior to the election of Abraham Lincoln, including the Supreme Court itself in the Dred Scott case. I can’t speak for Mr. Buckley and others who were not motivated by racism but principle, but (admittedly in hindsight) it is clear at least to me that the civil-rights legislation was appropriate and justifiable under the 14th Amendment. That is, the Civil War decided the matter and the Constitution was changed to underscore the equal status of black Americans. But in addition to imprudent and racist arguments, there were principled concerns raised against the civil rights legislation at the time — which most of us reject today.

I will just add that this is very white of him.