Pull Up A Chair…

Maria Callas, Tosca, Part 6, Second Act, Vissi d´arte. Covent Garden, 1964. 

The vintage YouTube finds where you unearth a gem are the best, aren’t they?

What I love most about this Maria Callas performance from Tosca is that mid-way through her aria, her pitch falters on two successive notes. You can see her look as she hears it, and immediately begins a correction in the piece to overcome the evening’s strain or to minimize the pitch issue by cutting off one of the notes a bit abruptly.

Would that every bump in the road, public or private, were managed so swiftly, eh? 

It seems like life is coming at all of us like a runaway freight train. And sometimes, it’s good to take a moment to stop and savor the good, even where it’s tainted with a little off-key notes along the way.  My husband is fond of quoting "Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.", something of which I am guilty more often than I ought to be.  And I thought this video was a good example of how even the loftiest diva has a tough day now and then…and still manages to keep her tiara on straight.

Thought we could do with a little gratitude, some compassion, and a heap of conversation this morning.

So, no topic other than let’s keep it light and friendly today so we can all enjoy the morning and each other’s company for a little while and take a breather.  I get the feeling that a whole lot of us could use it.  And if you have any other music or reading or recipe or…whatever makes you happy at the moment…recommendations to share, do let us know.  

Especially if it’s something that’s made you laugh.  We could do with a lot more of that, couldn’t we?  Pour another cuppa.  Pull up a chair…

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