Obama Breaks His Ties With Trinity Church

Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic breaks the news out of the DNC meetings:

6:26: The Obama campaign confirms that Sen. Barack Obama has quit Trinity United Church in Chicago.

Apparently, Obama’s sense of connectedness to his church community — which seemed likely to be his main reasons for staying with Trinity throughout the entire phony Jeremiah Wright brouhaha — were overwhelmed by the sense of betrayal that Obama seemed to feel in the wake of Wright’s strangely self-serving performance in front of the National Press Club.

I doubt that this was done much for political reasons — after all, we saw that only a limited bloc of voters were much influenced at all by the Big Farking Deal the media made out of Wright. The way it happened suggests this is largely a personal thing for the Obamas, and I’m not sure anyone can blame them.

But there is plenty of blame to go around, particularly within the media for blowing this affair up so wildly out of proportion to its actual meaningfulness in the first goddamned place. It’s doubtful that this rupture would have occurred without it, and it’s now just another vivid example of the poisonous influence of media sharks in our personal lives.

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