This is a show from our first week. We think it’s the right one to watch today, as we remember the service members who have given their lives in all American wars. Our Memorial Day offering includes a powerful discussion with Iraq Vets Against the War and the War Resister’s League about what supporting the troops really means. We also show part of a documentary film that needs your help, IRAQ PAPER SCISSORS, about Iraq War Veteran Drew Cameron who runs a paper-making studio. Earlier this year, Drew decided to pulp his uniforms into paper. Now he teaches papermaking to other veterans, among them Jon Turner, a Marine just back from Iraq who made his first book, “Eat the Apple, F**K the Corps." Jon says he lived in fear that he’d become "one of those alcoholic vets you see in the streets" but now he’s sure he’ll never go that direction. He’s been saved by an under-funded Vermont art program. Help to finish this film so it, and the exhibition of art work printed on pulped uniform paper, can travel the country.