It’s Memorial Day and if there’s a theme to today’s GRITtv posts it’s this: It’s one thing to remember the dead; it’s another to recover the living. To start, here’s Tom Morello "one-man revolution" rock hero.

You might have watched a couple of minutes of my interview with Morello on FDL. Here’s the whole thing (and a music video) in which he talks about what it’s going to take to recover this country from its current mess. Tom was backstage in New York just before a concert benefiting Road Recovery, a 10-year-old program that helps kids get out of addiction and into music.

Road Recovery offers workshops, sober road crew connections, performance opportunities, speaker seminars, master classes and just about everything a young person might need to get on track while staying hip. The drug-affected music industry professionals who founded it know just how hard it is to get and stay clean in an industry that can romanticize self-destruction. Morello’s Axis of Justice Tour donated tour proceeds to local issues at every stop — Road Recovery, Sweet Home New Orleans, Amnesty International, Iraq Veterans Against the War. This guy — well, just watch the interview and tell us what you think. It’s going to take a whole lot of rock heroes to recover this nation.