Tonight on GRITtv we take a look at healthcare in Canada, Germany and Taiwan with Mary O’Brien, MD of Physicians for a National Health Program, Katharina Janus, visiting Professor at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, Michael S. Chen, Vice President and CFO of Taiwan’s Bureau of National Health Insurance, and Adrian Campbell Montgomery from the film SiCKO. Adrian’s been a patient in both the U.S. & Canadian Health Systems, and she can tell you there’s quite a difference.

We also take a look at a new blockbuster satire – War, Inc. — and sit down with director Joshua Seftel and co-screenwriter Jeremy Pikser. And in the same satirical vein, we’ve got a piece on New Orleans from 2-cent’s Brandan Odums and Nik Richard. And our weekly Got Docs? segment takes a look at a doc-in-progress about the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers, Dr. Daniel Ellsberg – The Most Dangerous Man In America. It’s all right here on firedoglake.