The data rolls in every day … Americans are working more, real wages are going down. Unless you’re part of a tiny minority at the top, you’re probably working harder and earning less. Even after a couple of decades of what we are told was solid growth, the United States is very much an upstairs-downstairs affair, and downstairs is getting awfully packed. American wealth inequality is greater today than in the pre-World War One age we called the Gilded Age – it was only gilded for some. How did it get so lop-sided? And in this season of political promise-making, is there any relief in sight? Joining us are:

– Ed Ott, Executive Director of the New York City Central Labor Council, which represents over 1.3 million working men and women from 400 affiliated labor organizations throughout New York City.

– Saru Jayaraman the co-founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United, an organization founded initially to help Trade Tower workers after 9-11. ROC has gone national, fighting for restaurant workers’ rights.

– Tamara Draut, the Director of the Economic Opportunity Project at the progressive think tank, Demos. She is the author of the Demos study, Economic State of Young America and the book, Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-Somethings Can’t Get Ahead.