The Lord hath delivered them into our hands

Now this is awesome!

President Bush will help Republican John McCain raise money later this month in Arizona. Beyond that, the White House isn’t saying how much the two will campaign together.

If McCain has the say so, they will see very little of each other. Though there’s no way Bush is giving him his Andover Letter-Jacket.

If Bush calls the shots, they’ll be seeing each other all the time.

The White House on Monday sidestepped a question about how much Bush will campaign with McCain but said the president would actively hit the trail in support of Republican candidates despite his low approval ratings and questions about whether his presence would help or hurt the likely GOP nominee.

"The president believes very strongly that, if we get out and take our message to voters, that we can be successful," said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stalker-in-Chief.

And I’m going to bet he’ll be out there campaigning whether McCain likes it or not. Sucking whatever hope of close defeat the GOP now has.

We’ve observed George Bush for seven years, four months now…88 long months. There are many things I have learned to expect from him. All bad, and all about feeding the massive George Bush ego. John McCain will not be allowed to separate himself from Bush, even if the former had the inclination to do so. If McCain runs for President, he’ll do it on the Decider’s terms.

I predict, the 2008 GOP Convention is going to be George Bush’s love note to himself. It’s possible we will see John McCain read badly from a teleprompter at some point…and yelling at a cloud.

(pic via Jason Reed/Reuters)

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