Again, it’s McCain and the lobbyists.

From the DNC, in response to McCain’s speech on trade today:

Fundraiser Peter Madigan Lobbies for Colombian Government. One of McCain’s fundraisers, Peter Madigan, works for the government of Colombia to lobby for and promote a U.S.-Colombia free-trade agreement. His firm is also paid to seek appropriations for the Government of Colombia, according to filings. The firm’s lobbyists have distributed papers defending Colombian President Alvaro Uribe against allegations of ties to paramilitary groups, and promoting the controversial anti-drug program Plan Colombia as achieving strengthening of human rights. [ABC News, 2/1/08; Johnson, Madigan, Peck, Boland & Stewart, Inc., Foreign Agent Registration Act Filings, Exhibit AB Registration for ProExport Colombia (Received 1/25/08, 12/20/07), Dept. of Justice]

Remember, Madigan also has lobbied for the UAE to defend the enslavement of boy camel jockeys.