flanders2.thumbnail.jpg. Lots of fun had today here at the Air America studios in NY for the debut of the Laura Flanders show. You want to feel the full extent of how limited your IQ is, sit down and talk politics with Laura and Katrina Vanden Heuvel. Phil Donahue? Madman.

. Now that Bob Barr is running for president, inquiring minds want to know…will Tim Russert give a highly publicized, "exclusive" campaign kick-off interview on MTP as he did for Ralph Nader? If not, why not?

. Looks like a disappointed Presidential candidate will "stage an embarrassing public revolt" against the nominee at the convention. Any minute now, pundit heads will start exploding about how it will "tear the party apart." Or not.

. John McCain: "Change Republican." Or so says the latest GOP strategy memo. Good luck with that one — "maybe a hundred!"

. We also get "Change Republicans" in the House, who want to offer you "freedom of choice" for your healthcare plan. Which roughly translates as "freedom to get reamed by your eye, ear, nose and throat specialist," but maybe nobody will notice.

. North Carolina and Texas competitive? Got your "change" right here.

. Bill Richardson for VP? Great way to bring women back into the fold. Just say "Whizzer White" three times, click your heels and maybe you’ll be back in Kansas, too.