Grit TV Sneak Preview – SUPERDELEGATES! from AgitPop!

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Those in the Obama camp who have been challenging the superdelegate system may get quieter as the vote count from the so-called supers grows, but that doesn’t make the superdelegate set up so super-democratic. (That’s democratic with a Little D.) At least not in the view of the THE LEAGUE OF YOUNG VOTERS. Over the next few weeks, the League and a group called AGITPOP are rolling out a series of animations at WHITEHOUSEROCKS.COM

GRITtv has the first of them, in an exclusive preview for firedoglake.

This engaging, informative, and very funny animation comes with a petition, challenging the Democratic party leadership to reform the superdelegate system. The petition reads in part:

Dear Democratic Party Leadership (and you know who you are):

We the undersigned, do hereby urge you to fundamentally overhaul the superdelegate system. Or ditch it completely. You decide. Don’t let this meltdown happen again. You’re the "Democratic" Party for God’s sake. We’re watching and we vote.

Tune in – log on – be part of our new venture. We look forward to doing this together.