The Spin I’m In: They Got the Silver

I finally got to see Martin Scorsese’s concert film of the Rolling Stones, Shine A Light, last weekend. I’m sick of people talking about the Rolling Stones being old, looking old, whatever. Anyone should look so good at their age. In fact, most snipers probably should look so good ever in their lives.

Mick can still shake his hips like a youngin’ and remains one of the finest peacocks in Rock, even delivering on songs he’s delivered on a gazillion times.

Keith still looks like the epitome of rock and roll to me: a rough around the edges elegance with a glint in his eye that he’s lived a little bit dangerously. In fact he’s such a style icon that I’ve noticed that there is a Keith Richards in every town. This local doppelganger is usually a musician, drug gofer, or both, who looks more like a combination of Keith Richards and Ratso Rizzo. A Keith Rizzo if you will. They all wanna be Keith.

So enough of the wisecracks. All the boys- Mick, Keith, Ron, and Charlie, still pulling it off after all these years looking cool, trim, and like they can definitely still get laid.

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