Primary Late Night: Did We Hear Hillary Concede Tonight?

A previous Timmeh role

Indiana (88% reporting):

52% Clinton
48% Obama

North Carolina (97% reporting):

42% Clinton
56% Obama

I know, I know. Hillary’s victory speech in Indiana tonight was not a concession speech. She vowed to keep fighting on. Florida and Michigan and all that.

But it sure sounded, and looked, and felt like a concession speech. The thank-yous. Bill crying (at least it looked like it from certain shots). The resigned tone. She certainly didn’t sound like someone who was fighting any longer.

I’ll put video up as soon as it’s available.

But I certainly was encouraged to hear her talking about how they were all united in uniting behind the ticket once it was over.

… But on the other hand, Rachel Maddow — who is often right about these things — thinks the speech actually lays out a scorched-earth approach to the remnant of the campaign, particularly laying out the Florida-Michigan issue.

… Meanwhile, watching Timmeh grin hideously at the prospect of a Hillary defeat on MSNBC reminded me that he had a previous role under an obvious nom de plume. The earlier role obviously inspired his current act.

… I’ll be back for a wrapup when the Gary results come in.

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