Fink – Biscuits For Breakfast

Speaking of biscuits, Congress is busy whipping up their own gravy while extending what seems to be a hostage crisis for our troops and 64 percent of American citizens.

President George W. Bush has asked for $178 billion to fund the wars into 2009, and has said he would veto any bill presented to him with additional spending measures attached.

Several senior Democrats in both the House and Senate have said they want to use the bill as a vehicle to attach domestic spending measures aimed at helping the ailing U.S. economy.

A laundry list of items, including extending unemployment insurance benefits, money spent on food stamps, infrastructure investment and funding for veterans who want to go to college, have all been floated over the last couple of weeks.

At a time when many Democrats are connecting the failed Iraqi occupation and its financial strain on our economy this campaign season; it seems like the Democratic leadership is determined to perpetuate failure. If the plan goes through as anticipated, how will Democrats be able to look our troops in the eye, apologize, and honestly say we tried to stop it?

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