I’m tired

Goddammit, I’m exhausted!

I can only imagine how Clinton & Obama and their staffs feel. Just to save time, maybe they could each get "two Reject & Denounce" cards in advance.

If I lived in another country…..I’d laugh and laugh at how ridiculous our media is and how bizarre they force campaigns to be.

Believe me, it would be tempting to leave the U.S. except, sadly, I could only live in an english speaking country that did not like hockey or soccer — and giant marsupials freak me out man. So I guess I’m stuck here. I have to love it because I’m not smart enough to leave it. See, you can’t call me unpatriotic.

Since I still live in America, I get to say that each election seems to get more critical on issues, yet more trivial on coverage.

In the last three weeks the ONLY policy issue that has gotten substantial coverage is the ridiculous idea of a gas-tax holiday.

To paraphrase Lili von Shtupp, when it comes to the electronic media in this country "Let’s face it, everything above the neck is kaput."

And at this pace, so soon shall we.

Damn kangaroos.

(video of the great Madeline Kahn)

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