Digging a Hole Big Enough For Two

Can John McCain read a graph?

If your restaurant revenues looked like this, you’d change the menu.

If your business sales looked like this, you’d close your doors.

If your NBA basketball team ‘s attendance looked like this, you’d move to another city. (Sorry, Dave!)

But if you’re John McCain and this was a chart of President Bush’s approval ratings during his second term, you say "Elect me, and I’ll give you four more years of the same!"


I’ve got some bad news for you, Senator — it IS a chart of Bush’s second term approval ratings, compiled by Pollster.com. Oh, there have been a couple "Broder bumps" in there, but the general direction is clear.

Keep on embracing Bush, though, as the economy heads south, the military continues to break, and the rule of law once championed by this country continues to be abused. Bush is digging himself a hole big enough for the both of you.

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