Who’s The Elitist? John McCain’s $2546.56 Spending Spree at Barney’s

Far be it from me to criticize someone for going hog wild at Barney’s, but then I’m not running for President either:


That’s how much cashola John McCain’s campaign spent March 2 at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills. (That’s 90212, in case anyone was wondering.)

According to McCain’s latest FEC report, the charges were "credited back" April 2.


UPDATE: McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said the campaign’s card was stolen.

Now it may well be that the card was stolen, and if that’s the case my personal experience in California meant I had to file a police report and present it to the credit card company in order to get the charge canceled. Is anyone asking?

Also, since Cindy McCain won’t release her tax returns, the Weekly Standard wants to know if John McCain is a "kept man" with a "sugar mommy." (Okay fine, they were talking about John Kerry but same dif.)

Maybe the beltway barbecue bores who felt America needed to get to the bottom of John Edwards’ character flaws with a vigorous investigation of his scandalous haircut can help us find out if McBush has champagne wishes and caviar dreams?

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