When’s that Contract Up?

Apparently, getting tired of lying about the same ol’ crap this week, Bill Kristol finds a whole new topic on which to suck. And suck he does:

…last week, in the midst of the excitement over the pope’s visit, the Clinton, Obama and McCain campaigns found time to issue Passover greetings. They were of course staff-produced, and somewhat formulaic. Still, differences among formulaic statements can be revealing.

What follows is the balance of a column in which Kristol provides an in depth analysis of each candidate’s staff statement and finds that John McCain’s retainers from AIPAC best understand how to write two sentences for Likud.

Not coincidentally, the McCain website also put up a special "long-time family recipe" for coconut macaroons from Cindy.

Well done, New York Times, well done — even Jonah Goldberg occasionally produces better material.

That’s not a suggestion for when Kristol’s contract is up.

(pic from Nepalmnews)

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