Adding More Skin to the Game

As early as next week, the House will begin consideration of a new Supplemental funding bill for Iraq. How big will the check be? $108 billion, $178 billion – depending on whose plan to pass this you look at. It seems some on the Democratic side think it would be really smart to pass not just the Supplemental $108 billion that George asked for – but to toss in another $70 billion for next year so the new president doesn’t have to come to Congress and ask. Or as Congressman Murtha said, "You vote one time and get the money out of the way."

So let’s see: Not only is there no consideration of cutting off George’s blank checks, Congress also wants to make sure that the next president (whoever that may be) doesn’t need to come to Congress with a plan to leave Iraq before writing them their own blank check.

Oh – and some of them (best friends Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson and Susan Collins) want to add in requirements that the Iraqis pony up some of their cash to pay for the bombs reconstruction and security we’re so graciously sending their way. As our pal Rahm Emanuel says “They need to have some skin in the game.”

Oh really?

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