Pssst: McCain is a Campaign Finance Hypocrite. Pass it On.

watertiger.thumbnail.jpgWe’ve got 29,494 cosigners to the complaint against John McCain with the FEC, well on the way to our goal of 30,000. If you haven’t signed on, please do — we’ll be delivering the signatures on Monday. You can sign on here.

We all know that the New York Times would be having a full-on, head exploding meltdown if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were acting like complete hypocrites on their signature issue like McCain is here, and it would be on the front page for months. But nary a peep. So if you know any friends who you think might be interested in signing on too, please tell them by emailing them here. We’ll be delivering signatures to the FEC on Monday.

Right now we’re at EschaCon08 in Philadelphia (where Watertiger, above, sports her exotic international spy ensemble). Atrios suggested that after we go to the FEC we toddle on down to the Washington Post and ask them why nobody there gives a shit.

We may just have to do that. Because, you know, it’s kind of important.

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