I’m EschaConning — Are You?

I’m going to be at Eschacon starting Friday night, probably buying Manhattans for Rox who will be doing my drinking for me. I’m also going to be moderating the first panel on Saturday morning at 8:45 (*yawn*) am on “Having an Impact.” My fellow panelists will be Atrios, NTodd and the lovely Digby. I’d like to think it was my sparkling personality and expertise that got me the nod here, but I’m well aware that as a non-drinker I probably just win the award for Most Likely to Show Up.

I’m also going to be at the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis from June 6-8, organized by Free Press. Arianna Huffington, Van Jones, Robert Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Dan Rather, Bill Moyers and a host of others will be there. Our media system in America desperately needs an overhaul and I’m excited to be taking part in a conversation about how to do that with a really interesting group of people. The Early Bird Registration discount ends in 4 days, so if you’re interested in going, think about registering now.

Hope to see you one place or the other.

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