The John McCain Campaign Finance Concern Troll Quote Award Goes To…

…whomever digs up the best, most hypocritical quote from John McCain on campaign finance laws and the need to prosecute those who break them. As Jane pointed out yesterday, the McCain campaign is thumbing its nose at the FEC and all but daring it to call him out for his wanton campaign expenditures now exceeding $54 million dollars — above and beyond the limit of $50 million dollars for the primary that McCain previously agreed to and for which he was certified under the campaign finance laws at his own request.

As the FEC Chairman made quite clear in a letter to McCain’s campaign (PDF), he cannot simply withdraw from his agreed to limitations on spending by wishing them away — and he decidedly does NOT have the permission of the FEC to violate campaign finance laws with wanton abandon.

The news media on this? Still crickets.

So, here’s the contest for all of our readers: whomever digs up the most clearly applicable quote from St. John McCain on the importance of following campaign finance laws — a statement filled with finger-wagging solemnity about the dastardly, smarmy politicians who would dare to try and end-run the vaunted McCain-named campaign finance laws in all their glory — will win a copy of John Anderson’s book "Follow the Money." (Seemed like an awfully apropos accompaniment, don’t you think?)

Sen. Do As I Order But Not As I Do needs to be hoisted on his own sanctimonious, federal election law violating petard, don’t you think? Leave your finds in the comments — and we’ll whittle them down over the next couple of days to determine a winner. Happy hunting…

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