Ah yes, an honest discussion of race in this country. That’s what FoxNews & right-wing talk radio really want.

A YouTube video mash-up that attacks Barack Obama on issues relating to his patriotism that has rocketed around the Internet in recent days was created in part by a prominent conservative talk radio producer.

"Is Obama Wright" splices together the most inflammatory language of Jeremiah Wright with a series of other issues that have arisen in the campaign, all of which have been fodder for a series of emails that question Obama’s loyalty to the country…

Rather the incendiary video — which also includes footage of Malcolm X, the U.S. Olympians who raised their hand in the black power salute and the song "Fight the Power" — is in part the amateur work of Lee Habeeb.

A co-founder and former producer of the Laura Ingraham Show, Habeeb is the director of strategic content at Salem Radio Network, the conservative talk radio powerhouse that airs programs hosted by figures such as Bill Bennett and Hugh Hewitt…

Asked directly if he believes Obama is a patriotic American, Habeeb said "absolutely." But he added that "his patriotism is not my kind of patriotism."

Look for it to be played repeatedly on FoxNews, CNN & MSNBC…not that they’re endorsing it by the way. Unleash the inner racist id so you can proclaim "Hey, Obama started it", because he had so much choice in his skin color and God forbid we spend more than 30 seconds examining his church as Nick Kristof did.

"Let’s go to Pat Buchanan and our special guest, the ghost of D.W. Griffith, for analysis"

I just hope FoxNews can get Sean "Abner Louima Liked It" Hannity to talk about how Barack Obama is really a gigantic race-baiter.

Now, if one person looks at the above and says, "now this is why we can’t nominate Obama" come here and let me stick my metaphorical foot up your emblematic ass.

Of course, the crowning glories of our press corps are not solely devoted to dragging racism up from the gutter and making excuses for John McCain, it’s all about reliving the 90s again, with more extreme prejudice.

Thanks Brian Ross and ABC, surely you have truly reached he pinnacle of your profession, I’m sure at least you are proud of yourself.

And to repeat a theme, if one person looks at the above and says, "now this is why we can’t nominate Clinton" again, let me stick my figurative foot up your allegorical ass. Because clearly she’s totally responsible for her husband’s actions — at least if you’re Sally Quinn (who is ironically completely blameless for Ben Bradley’s actions and apparently her own).

Nobody wins elections by out "concern trolling" the other side. If it did, Richard Cohen would be our new Overlord.

It is time, to paraphrase General Grant, to stop worrying what right-wingers will do to us, and to concern ourselves with what we will do. They’ve screwed up the economy, screwed up a war that was screwed up as a notion to begin with, and failed any number of people on any number of issues, from the environment to New Orleans.

They only thing they’ve got is the gutter.

Allow me to say to them and the "heh indeed" wing of our present dystopia SUCK. ON. THIS.