Pudding And Pie

Sometimes, the intersection of pudding and pie can produce some interesting results.

Take this from Digby, on the essay that Rick Perlstein did in LATimes. And the follow-up from Tristero on the same subject. Anyone who doesn’t understand the enormous problem we all have dealing with irresponsible, factually inaccurate and off-putting media narratives needs to take some time to read all of this and think about it.

Add to it this from Wolcott, which ends with a classic:

With their lipless smiles and lidless eyes, conservative connivers don’t even bother to disguise their duplicity, so proud and gleeful are they of their little tricks. And why shouldn’t they be, when so many liberal bloggers and pundits are ready to fall for them?

It isn’t enough to just watch and read media reports — you have to also contemplate the reasons and perspectives behind them. And the real reason of all those shiny objects get deployed in the first place…and who really benefits from them. Diversionary tactics with your pudding and pie, anyone?

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