Lieberman Offers Helping Hand to Democrats…Again

Republican attack ads pressuring House Democrats to capitulate on telecom immunity started running in Connecticut against Chris Murphy and Joe Courtney this week. They’re funded by an organization called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and they’re exceptionally dishonest even by Republican standards.

Take a stroll over to the Advisory Board of FDD. Who’s on it? That’s right. Your good friend and mine, Joe Lieberman. He’s a "distinguished advisor" of an organization running attack ads in an election year against Democrats for supporting a core Democratic position in his own home state.

If the Democrats take the Senate by even so much as one more vote this year, the screeching to have this guy stripped of his seniority and kicked off his committee assignments is going to be deafening. I hope everybody knows that.

Update: CTBob debunks the ad.

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