Austin Debate Thread

clintonobamawax.thumbnail.jpgIt’s do-or-die time for Hillary Clinton at the Austin debate tonight. The polls are not her friend (per Kos):

ABC News/Washington Post:

Texas 2/16-20 (no trend lines). 603 likely voters. Moe 4%.

Obama 47%
Clinton 48%

Ohio 2/16-20 (no trend lines). 611 likely voters. MoE 4%.

Obama 43%
Clinton 50%

And a couple more from Texas.

Rasmussen. 2/20 (2/14). 549 likely voters. MoE 4%.

Obama 44% (38)
Clinton 47% (54)

Constituent Dynamics. 2/17-19 (no trend lines). 1340 registered voters. MoE 4%.

Obama 45%
Clinton 46%

A Gallup tracking poll actually shows a national uptick for Clinton, which may mean that Obama’s momentum is slowing down. If so I’m guessing it’s the result of the press finally deciding it’s time to go after him rather than the result of anything the Clinton campaign has done.

Meanwhile, the Change to Win labor federation announced it would endorse Obama today. It’s hard to say if it will have any effect on the upcoming primaries, but it sends a nice message to future presidential hopefuls: hire union busters like Mark Penn at your own peril.

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