Austin Debate Thread #2


Debate in a nutshell, via LS:

HRC invoking Barbara Jordon and Ann Richards and what they both taught her when she was in TX in her first political job, registering voters.

Talking about health insurance…stop discriminating against sick people.

Take care of the Veterans.

I offer a lifetime of experience and proven results.

I think Obama has a cold or the flu…very nasal.

We are all feeling the brunt of the failing economy….predatory loan problem…people can’t pay medical expenses and mortgage…citing different examples…and jobs shipped overseas…to China…devastating job losses….I’m meeting veterans and families of veterans..injured because of a war that should not have been waged. Senator Clinton and I have been talking about these issues for the last 13 months…some the same, some different, we both recognize that we have an administration that has made them worse. Washington has become a place where “good ideas” go to die, because of lobbyists who have a strangle hold on Washington. The central premise of this campaign is that we can push back on those people, lobbyists, who have come to dominate the government.

And somewhere, John McCain just thought, "Oh hell, they are talking about lobbyists.  Think I’ll get any questions about them tomorrow?"

(CHS notes:  And I’m thinking about how much I miss Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan and Molly Ivins.  Texas sure does grow some amazing women, doesn’t it?)

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