“A Holiday from Reality”

Um, huzzah? That surge has done so fantastic, this nonsense is still going on:

BAGHDAD – As many as 15 Iraqi policemen responding to an attack against U.S. bases were killed Tuesday when rockets, set to be launched from the back of a truck, exploded before the officers could defuse them, officials said.

Four U.S. soldiers were wounded when the initial rockets slammed into their outposts in the capital, the military said, the second rocket attack against American targets in as many days

And now add to this butcher’s bill another trio of unseen flag-drapped caskets:

BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb killed three U.S. soldiers when it struck their vehicle in northwestern Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

And yet, yesterday, John "Snuggles" McCain told us that to vote for Barack Obama would be America taking a "holiday from history". If one ponders that line (apparently purloined – plagiarized? over to you Howie Wolfson), you can take it in any number of directions from "the history of the last seven years isn’t too hot there Slappy" to "Um, John, maybe there are some aspects about American History reflected in the ever more likely nomination of an African-American that you may not want to remember, or perhaps too fondly remember, and which need to be departed from."

But as intended by McCain it is actually a holiday from reality — a holiday that St. McCain is willing to have last a century or more. That’s a hell of a holiday. I thought long holidays were only for the French?

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