Late Late Nite FDL: Not Dead Yet

Update #3: 12:57am: CNN 51% reporting
Obama 11,691 75%
Clinton 3,584 23%

Update #2 12:27am: CNN 26% reporting:
Obama 5,436 74%
Clinton 1,875 26%

Update 11:45pm: Hawaii results per CNN with 8% reporting :

Obama 2,258 77% Clinton 666 23% Uncommitted 4 0%

Hey Thers, it’s Tuesday night and, contrary to your earlier post, I’m not dead yet. Neener neener neener.

Not Dead Yet by Styx set to Dr. Who clips by TeikaChikata.

As always, this is Late Late Nite FDL, where off topic is the topic so chime in.

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