Botox Express

080214_mccainromney_vl-vertical.thumbnail.jpgIf John McCain wins the presidential election, he’d be the oldest man ever to do so at the time he attained the office. I realize one of the big challenges of the campaign is to fight the impression that he’s just too old, but the Botox is out of control.

I’ve got a lot of problems with Botox in general (from an aesthetic standpoint) — it makes people’s faces look weird, particularly actors and TV talking heads, because it renders them unable to express appropriate emotion. But rarely is it as bad as it appeared today on John McCain during the Mitt Romney endorsement.

Look at the YouTube — his entire forehead is frozen so badly his brows don’t even move. His eyes are immobile (he probably had the crow’s feet done too). The whole top of his head looks cadaverous, like it’s been coated in funeral parlor wax.

It should start to wear off in a few weeks but lordy me, that’s one of the worst jobs I’ve ever seen.

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