The McCain “Less Jobs, More Wars” Jugger…Not!

Who exactly is out there supporting McCain and his Hundred Years War, anyway? 

"McCain: Less jobs, more war…not just a slogan!"

It sure isn’t the fine folks at Brave New Films who have also put together two excellent pieces on the McCain mystique (or lack thereof) which you can view here in YouTube or Quicktime formats.  It is going to be one interesting slog to the finish in November, isn’t it?  But at least we’ll have a lot to laugh about along the way.

With the Republican candidates providing a lot of parody material, it seems.

Imagine, for just a moment, what it would be like with Huckabee and his merry band of goobers along for the ride?   As I said to Jane a couple of weeks ago, Janet Huckabee’s avocado green ensemble which she wore on primary night in New Hampshire was remniscent of the stylings of Carol Burnett’s Gone With The Wind drapes outfit parody (YouTube)…and I wondered if that was on purpose or merely coincidence.

Oh well, perhaps Gov. Huckabee wouldn’t give her permission to wear anything else?  (Do dominionist sympathizers like Huckabee require their wives to ask permission for ensembles like they do for women to be allowed to work outside the home?  Enquiring minds and all that…)

Is it me, or is the Janus-like candidate two-step of McCain and Huckabee the perfect distillation of the Republican party?  Delusion and domination, wrapped up in a crazy little bow, and presented to the American public like the bastard step-child of Dick Cheney’s fondest wishes taken out to their furthest conclusions? 

This, my friends, is the essence of the GOP… let the mockery begin.

UPDATEAP (via NYTimes via Biodun):  McCain gets the Gary Bauer endorsement.  Can we dub Bauer "Rove’s errand boy" yet?  Or is this just another in the long line of the Dobson/Bauer power feud fueled by such deep philosophic difference fervor as "I know you are, but what am I?"

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