Obama Blowing Out Clinton in Maine

1.thumbnail.jpegObama was expected to take everything this weekend, but the margins of victory managed to surprise even those who thought they were past being surprised.

No wonder there’s a shakeup in the Clinton campaign. There have been rumors of Solis-Doyle being on the outs ever since Maggie Williams came on board in early January, but I guess it’s official now.

Biodun wrote a great NAFTA post so I could go to the hockey game this afternoon. Capitols v. Rangers, Capitols won. We had amazing seats very close to the ice and every time someone smashed into the plexiglass the impact it made rattled your fillings. When a puck came hurling towards us at one point I grabbed my nose instinctively.

Anyway, we were discussing two big questions regarding this race that I haven’t heard satisfactory answers for — a) why does Obama do so well in all these white midwestern states, and b) why does he do so well in caucuses? I mean, it isn’t even close.

Also, Chinese new year was being celebrated in downtown DC. Uncomfortably, it’s the "year of the rat." Must bode well for the Republicans.

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